Different types of Research Papers and Their Definition

A research paper is a piece of academic writing that offers interpretation, analysis and explanation bas dialogue punctuation-checkered on extensive independent research by the writer. Research papers unlike journal articles or a term paper, is more detailed and longer, usually intended to evaluate not only one’s writing abilities, but also those of other writers. Research papers are usually written with the intention to present the results of an empirical study that supports of a specific claim. Research papers must be unique, well-written and thoroughly researched.

The Introduction is often the initial paragraph of research papers. Inexperienced writers often cut their introduction short by providing the most important elements of the paper within the first few paragraphs, which could be interpreted as not providing enough details. The introduction, as with any other section of the paper, should be carefully written to make an impression on the reader.

The body is the remainder of the document and concerns primarily in your contribution to literature. You should start by interpreting the research paper’s topic, i.e., why you conducted your research, what results you have come up with, etc. Your professor may require you to explain your argument in the format that they have outlined. In some departments or thesis committees, you may need to submit your original research question with your submission. You must ensure to research the exact requirement before sending it.

Supporting Data and another research paper’s Section: This is the final part of your research papers. In order to adequately support your arguments and claims in the original paper, you should include additional information and/or interpretations to support them. This is sometimes called the postulating or supplementary part in effect papers. This section should be prepared following your discussion on the effect papers and be organized to be easily understood. In effect papers, you are allowed an maximum of three additional papers that support the conclusion and meaning of the research papers, which must be written in good English.

Original Research Question: In effect your research question should be designed in a manner that it asks for different perspectives on the same topic. Most instructors will request a paragraph or two about the topic you’ve discussed in your research papers. This will allow you to consider different perspectives. Your instructors may also ask you to include different viewpoints in the paragraphs that you discuss in your paper. It is therefore important to include as many perspectives as you can in your paper. Of course, this will require you to be much shorter than normal in your argument.

Conclusion The conclusion paragraph of research papers summarizes the arguments presented throughout the paper. The conclusions of the research papers differ from a thesis statement in that the former does not demand that all viewpoints be accepted while the latter requires that all views are accepted (even if some were rejected). The conclusion of a research paper requires an overview of the discussion in the paper, irrespective of whether the conclusion is qualified to reflect the opinions expressed in the research papers. Evidence-based findings are needed to back up the thesis statement. Therefore, research papers that present different viewpoints must be supported by empirical evidence.

Introduction also referred to as the “daisy talk” the introduction is a section in research papers that gives an overview of the research paper’s contents and what’s coming. The introduction is a brief summary of all the opinions and concepts discussed in the paper. Therefore the introduction may not be as important as other sections. The outline free comma checker is not as long as the introduction. But, it is crucial for the overview to give enough information to readers to have an idea of what they can expect from the article.

Conclusion The conclusion is the most crucial part of a research report since it is a concluding remark on what has been learned during the course of the process of research. The conclusion also offers a link to the direction that one would like to take the research they have conducted or what they plan to accomplish with their work. The conclusion in research papers is essential since it is the last paragraph prior to any major body. Therefore, the conclusion of the research papers must be well-written and backed with relevant figures and facts.

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